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Celebrate your next win with us! Spice up your next birthday, client closing, or happy hour! Book a consultation to plan a private spirit tasting, cocktail/mocktail demonstration, or anything in between. Whether it's a fiery team challenge, a spicy date nite, or a zesty interactive experience, let's cheers to a vibrant night!

Join An Upcoming Spirited Sazon Cocktail Class

Immerse yourself in a decade of my passion for this divine spirit, exploring the boozy history of Jalisco, Oaxaca, and beyond. After savoring crafted cocktails, we'll collaborate to create your unique libation with seasonal flair. 

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Team Building Experiences

Collaborate to Win

Ignite team synergy with our cocktail masterclass! A dynamic balance of creativity and collaboration. Stir up success with series of a team building mixology challenges that allow you to get to know each on a deeper level.

Intimate Experiences 

Always Be Dating

Elevate a date night with our intimate cocktail experiences, a romantic rendezvous where crafting cocktails becomes an artful expression of love. Sip, stir, and savor the chemistry, ensuring each moment is a perfect blend of flavor and romance.

Interactive Experiences 

Dope For Anyone

Dive into an exhilarating experience that's effortlessly dope for everyone. From novices to enthusiasts, this hands-on adventure promises a blend of fun and flavor, transforming each participant into a cocktail maestro! Laugh, sip, and savor the moments that elevate a night out into a spirited celebration. 

Residential Experiences 

Urban Oasis Soirée

Indulge in a dynamic cocktail experience tailored for the residents of your multi-family units. This Urban Oasis Soirée is an evening of playfulness and connection, bringing neighbors together in a shared cooperative or competitive atmosphere.

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